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Popular action for the compensation of consumers
following Google’s anticompetitive practices

Ius Omnibus submitted yesterday, to the Portuguese Competition, Regulation and Supervision Court, a popular action aimed at defending Portuguese consumers injured by Google’s anticompetitive practices alleged in several lawsuits pending against Google in other jurisdictions(including the United States of America and the United Kingdom).

Since July 6, 2009, Google provides the Android operating system, which is used by virtually all mobile communications equipment sold in Portugal, excluding Apple equipment. Consumers using these mobile communications equipment have no effective alternative to using the Android operating system and applications (apps) and in-app content for Android. Over the years, Google has entered into contracts with Android equipment manufacturers and app developers with anticompetitive terms and conditions, culminating in a 30% commission on each sale. The excessive value of this commission was passed on to consumers. This action aims to put an end to Google’s anticompetitive practices that artificially preserve its near monopoly on the distribution of Android apps and in-app content, which undermines innovation and quality in these markets, and to compensate consumers for the increased prices they have paid through the Google Play Store.

Ius Omnibus is represented in this case by the law firm Milberg Sousa Ferro.

You may read more about the case here.