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The Lisbon Court of Appeal finds that Ius has right to access legal proceedings

In its efforts to protect and defend consumers harmed by Super Bock’s anticompetitive practices, Ius asked the Portuguese Competition Court for access to Super Bock’s appeal against the Decision of the Portuguese Competition Authority. Ius did this in order to know the arguments used by Super Bock and the subsequent developments of that appeal. The Portuguese Competition court recognised Ius’ interest in having access, but nonetheless limited it to the administrative case file, the appeal and the defence. As a result, Ius could not have access to any legal act practiced after the defence, thus not knowing, for instance, if the Portuguese Competition Court had already adopted a decision and what was its conclusion. 

Yesterday, Ius was notified of a decision of the Lisbon Court of Appeal of 1 June 2021, where the said Court recognizes the right to free and full consultation of the case file, purged of elements declared confidential.