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Daniela Antão appointed as Secretary General of Ius

The range of activities carried out by Ius has continuously increased, as have its needs for public representation and communication.

Ius’ Board considers it necessary and important to entrust these functions to someone with a specialized profile and extensive experience, who will be responsible not only for coordinating and promoting Ius’ multiple activities, but also to guarantee that Ius’ values are duly pursued and that its voice is heard for the defense of European consumers.

Ius’ Board has, thus, decided to appoint Daniela Bruto da Costa Antão as Secretary General of Ius Omnibus.

Daniela has a long professional career and extensive experience relating to Law and public communication, having, namely, exercised executive and legal functions with two large companies in the telecommunications industry and having been Secretary General of a Portuguese business association.

Welcome, Daniela.
Together, we will continue to fight for Justice for All!