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Telecommunications Cartel

On October 30-31, 2023, Ius Omnibus filed before the Portuguese Competition Court – Competition, Regulation, and Supervision Court of Santarém (TCRS) – two popular actions that aims to defend consumers living in Portugal who have been harmed by MEO and Nowo’s anti-competitive practices, identified by the Portuguese Competition Authority in in its decision of December 2, 2020, and already confirmed by the Lisbon Court of Appeal of February 20, 2023.

Ius Omnibus

We’re very honored to announce four new relevant facts from our association!

Ius Omnibus
Sony (PlayStation)

Sony has created a system around the PlayStation that places it in a position of total control which it leverages to its advantage and to annihilate competition. Ius Omnibus has just filed a consumer class action in Portugal aimed at putting an end to these practices and claiming compensation for Portuguese gamers. A similar class action in the UK is asking Sony to pay £5 billion in damages.

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Ius Omnibus is a non-profit association, created in March 2020, with the purpose of defending European Union consumers.

We are based and registered in Portugal and we have members from several EU countries.

We intend to progressively extend our range of activities to all Member States of the European Union, benefiting from new EU rules on the cross-border protection of consumer rights.

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