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Ius filed a popular action for illegal practices of Estée Lauder (Clinique)

Ius submitted today, on 25 October 2022, at the Lisbon District Court, a popular action aimed at defending
Portuguese consumers injured by illegal practices of Estée Lauder (owner of the Clinique brand)
and restore legality.

For several years Estée Lauder / Clinique has marketed cosmetic products of the “Redness” line,
advertising that they contain probiotics, which it says are responsible for various beneficial effects
for the skin. Independent laboratory tests carried out at the request of Ius concluded that these
products do not have probiotics. Estée Lauder / Clinique is thus in breach of the Advertising Code,
the Unfair Commercial Practices Law and the Legal Regime of Cosmetics and Body Hygiene

In case of success, the action will lead, inter alia, to Estée Lauder refraining from advertising the
existence of probiotics in the products at issue, rectifying the consequent misinformation
(including a “recall” of the products to replace the labels) and compensating the consumers

Ius Omnibus is represented in this case by the law firm Milberg Sousa Ferro.

You may read more about the case here.