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Ius Omnibus President Delivers Keynote Speech on Collective Actions at Thought4Leaders Event

During last week Maria José Azar-Baud, represented Ius Omnibus and delivered a keynote speech on collective actions at the Thought4Leaders event. This gathering of forward-thinking leaders and innovators provided an ideal platform for Ius Omnibus to discuss the vital role of collective actions in contemporary legal systems.

In her address, Maria José Azar-Baud emphasized the importance of collective actions as a powerful tool for safeguarding consumer rights. The Ius Omnibus president’s speech offered a detailed examination of the current landscape of collective actions within the European Union, outlining both the progress made and the challenges that lie ahead.

Maria José’s insights underscored the mission of Ius Omnibus to promote and defend the rights of consumers across Europe. She highlighted the need for strengthened legal frameworks that support collective redress, ensuring that consumers can effectively hold corporations accountable.

The Thought4Leaders event, renowned for its assembly of thought leaders from diverse sectors, was the perfect venue for this important dialogue.

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