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A popular action has been filed by Ius Omnibus against Fiat Chrysler Automobile (Dieselgate)

Ius Omnibus filed, at the Lisbon District Court, a popular action against Fiat Chrysler Automobile for unlawful commercial practices that resulted in the use of ilegal cheat devices, the prohibition of which was confirmed by the European Court of Justice. This popular action is seeking compensation for all the consumers residing in Portugal and the owners of Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Fiat and Lancia, with diesel engines.

Ius is asking the Court to declare that Fiat has continuously violated the European standards and that it be ordered to remove all manipulative devices and to compensate the consumers that were harmed by this behavior. In case of success, Fiat is requested to pay compensation estimated at a minimum of €2.702 per affected vehicle.

The practices adopted by Fiat produced several damages to the environments and to public health of every Portuguese citizen. The behavior of Fiat has artificially increased the value of vehicle acquisition and reduced its resale value, causing even moral damages to the owners.