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Competition Court confirms EDP’s abusive behaviour

The Competition Court ruled today on EDP’s appeal against the Competition Authority’s decision of 17 September 2019.

It is confirmed that EDP abused its dominant position, causing damage to Portuguese electricity consumers. The Court kept the fine of 48 million EUR and EDP now has only one possible appeal left to the Lisbon Court of Appeal. Once the AdC’s decision is definitively confirmed, the popular action filed by Ius to compensate all consumers harmed will proceed.

It should be recalled that, on 6 September 2021, Ius filed a popular action in the Competition Court to defend Portuguese consumers injured by EDP’s unlawful practices, and on 13 July the Court suspended the case until the Competition Authority’s decision becomes res judicata.

Ius represents in this action all consumers who resided in continental Portugal during at least part of the period during which the anticompetitive practices in question occurred and had effects and who, during all or part of that period, had a domestic contract for supply of electricity, unless they expressly indicate that they do not wish to be represented.

Find all the details of this popular action here.