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Court notifies consumers of Ius Omnibus v Mastercard case

By an announcement published on January 22, 2021 in the Jornal Público, the Competition, Regulation and Supervision Court, within the scope of the popular action brought by Ius Omnibus against Mastercard, cited consumers for, within 60 days from the day of publication (until 23.03.2021) intervene in the main proceedings, wanting, accepting it at the stage they are in, and to declare in the case whether they accept or not to be represented by the author or if, on the contrary, they are excluded from this representation (exercise opt out).

If they want to be represented by Ius Omnibus and have access to compensation at the end of the process, consumers do not need to do anything at this point. In view of their silence, they will continue to be represented in this action by Ius Omnibus.