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Showroomprivé makes electronic complaint book available in response to Ius’ legal action

After becoming aware of the popular action filed by Ius, Showroomprivé proceeded to make the electronic complaint book available to Portuguese consumers, thus complying with Decree-Law no. 156/2005, from 15th September.

On the 30th of March of 2023, Ius and Showroomprivé submitted a Settlement Agreement to the Court. Showroomprivé fulfilled its legal obligation to make an electronic complaint book available after having become aware of and as a result of the popular action filed by Ius, and accepted to bear the court costs. Ius withdrew its claim and waived its right to attorney’s fees.

The Court put an end to the claim on the 31st of March of 2023.

Ius welcomes the swiftness and readiness with which Showroomprivé restored legality and ensured the respect by the Portuguese consumers’ rights.

There are six other popular claims filed by Ius, pending before the Portuguese courts, relating to the breach of the obligation to make the electronic complaint book available.