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The Board of Ius now has 5 members!

According to the deliberation taken at the Ius General Assembly held on April 22, 2022, article 9 (1), of the Ius Statutes now reads as  follows: “The Board of Directors, elected by the General Assembly, is composed of five members, one President, two Vice-Presidents and two Members.”.

We are pleased to welcome to Patricia Gil Lemstra e Afonso de Freitas Dantas, as Members of the Board of Ius.

Patricia Gil Lemstra is a law graduate from Universidade de São Paulo (USP), with specialization in Tax Law by the Instituto Brasileiro de Estudos Tributarios (IBET), and LL.M (Latin Legum Magister or Master of Laws) degree in International Business Law by Tilburg University. She is a PhD candidate of Tilburg University and her research deals with intra-corporate dispute resolution.

Patricia is currently a lecturer and researcher at Tilburg University in the area of International Business Law.

Afonso de Freitas Dantas is a law graduate from the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon (2021) and is enrolled in a master’s degree in Law and Legal Science at the same Faculty. He also has a postgraduate study in National Defense Law (FDUL and IDN), as well as in International Nuclear Law (Nuclear Energy Agency – OCDE and University of Montepellier).

At the moment, Afonso de Freitas Dantas is a researcher at the Cyberlaw Research Center (CIJIC) and at the Space Law Research Centre (SPARC).

Meet the whole Ius team here.