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Ius v ANT: consumers will be compensated

The Competition, Regulation and Supervision Court approved the settlement reached in the popular action by Ius against the Portuguese Land Surveyors Association.

For more than 16 years, during November 2003 and July 2020, ANT restricted competition in the land surveying services market by fixing the prices of these services.  

This is the first antitrust popular action filed in Portugal that results in compensation for injured consumers.

ANT’s attitude in this procedure is an example of the assumption of responsibility and good faith in the reestablishment of legality and compensation to consumers, ANT acknowledged that it violated the law and agreed to compensate the consumers who were injured and provide a surcharge of 5% caused by the anticompetitive practice.

The Ius Omnibus association and the National Association of Surveyors reached an agreement.  This is a historic moment in Portugal. It is the first time that an antitrust popular action filed in Portugal leads to compensation for injured consumers.

If you are resident in Portugal and contracted, in your own name, land surveying services in the national territory, during November 2003 and July 2020, you now have three months to ask for your compensation. To do this, you must attach the respective invoice(s) for the surveying services to this form and indicate the IBAN for the transfer of the compensation. Then, Ius and ANT will jointly verify that the requirements are met.

As an alternative to filling out this form, you can send the same information and documents to Ius’ e-mail address –

For more details on the agreement between Ius and ANT, you can visit the case page and access our press release directly..